Busman's Holiday: The Benefits Of Hiring Airport Charter Buses For Group Travel

Posted on: 20 October 2017

Air travel has never been a particularly simple business, and with modern airports becoming more sprawling and complex every year, simply finding your way to the right terminal at the right time can be an interminable hassle. If you're travelling by air in a sizeable group, making sure your entire group makes it to the flight gate can be even more challenging.

For this reason, more and more holiday groups are choosing to charter buses to carry them to and from airports as they travel, and it's easy to see why. Hiring a bus isn't merely useful for making sure stragglers don't get left behind; here are just some of the attractive advantages of entrusting your airport travel to a professional charter bus service:

Keeping your group together

Getting separated from your friends and loved ones during air travel can be a stressful situation at the best of times, especially if you are travelling in a tight knit family unit or other members of your group have some of your belongings. Staying together once you're actually at the airport is simple enough, but making sure everyone actually arrives there at the same time is more difficult, especially considering the gridlocked traffic jams found around busy airports at peak hours.

By getting a charter bus hire, you ensure that every member of your group is able to catch the same flight, keeping your holiday running to schedule and avoiding the need for hasty (and often cripplingly expensive) rebookings. Hiring a bus to take you away from your destination airport can be just as useful for making sure everyone stays together, especially if you are flying to unfamiliar locales.

Saving money

Hiring a charter bus for your group can be much more economical than travelling separately to your airport by road or rail, leaving you with more money to spend where you actually want to spend it. Buses charter rates generally function on economy of scale, so the larger your travelling group, the more money you can potentially save by travelling together.

However, the savings don't stop there. Hiring a bus also allows you to avoid paying exorbitant rates for airport parking. When you touch down, bus hire can also be a much more economical way to travel than by hiring taxis, especially when flying into urban areas where taxi services tend to charge a premium.

Avoiding driving tired

Since larger airports (particularly international airports) tend to be located far away from the towns and cities they actually service, many people don't stop travelling after they hit the ground. After a long-haul flight sitting next to snoring passengers and noisy babies, driving tired can be particularly hazardous, both for you and other road users.

By hiring a bus to collect your group when you touch down, you ensure that none of your weary group members are forced to drive for several hours to reach a hotel or other destination. Incidentally, this also means that nobody in your group has to be a dedicated driver, a particularly useful benefit for long-haul fliers who need 'lubrication' to stay sane on 20-hour plane journeys.


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